Who Are Online Sex Parties For?

We like to say our parties are for All The Lovely Creatures, but what does that mean? Who actually attends online sex parties? Much like our Offline Parties, the people attending our online sex parties are from all walks and backgrounds of life. What our guests all have in common are curiosity about shared sexual

How Safe Are Online Sex Parties?

“I read an online article and it said things are bad!” Yes, we know – we read the same article.  The original one and the spinoff articles.  And we have people pointing them out to us every time we post about our online parties…. The honest thing is to start with is the truth.  Realistically, we cannot give

Do they work? That was the biggest question we had at the beginning – would this work? The truth is we were scared. Over these past few years we’ve hosted playrooms and sensual spaces all over the world, in many different environments. Warehouses in London, secret underground garages in Zurich, ancient Roman baths in Lyon,

What Happens At An Online Sex Party?

That’s probably the question we get asked the most The questions are totally understandable – what actually happens? It is all a bunch of voyeurs? It is full of people masturbating? It is sleazy? Do I have to be naked? Do I have to play with myself?  The truth is that there is no one