Health & Safety


Your health and personal safety are the most important things to us at Liquid Love. Due to the intimate nature of Liquid Love, with lots of body to body contact happening - which is always completely optional - we ask that you respect and take the following precautions:

~No open cuts or wounds are permitted in the space

~No untrimmed toenails are permitted in the space. Untrimmed toenails are a high hygiene risk and we reserve the right to ask you not to take part if we feel that your personal hygiene presents a risk to others.

~Please ensure you have informed the hosts if you are pregnant or have any specific medical conditions they need to be aware of.

~If you have any contagious and/or active infectious such as: Fever, flu, active outbreak of herpes or any other STIs you'll unfortunately not be able to attend for the safety of the group, we trust that you will respect this request and understand that tickets are non refundable/non transferable.

~Our events are a supportive and safe space and there's absolutely no judgement if you can't make it for the above reasons. Due to time restrictions and to maintain absolute discretion please get in touch prior to the event if you'd like to discuss these points further as there won't be available time once you arrive at the venue.

~Please make sure you shower prior and arrive fresh and lovely.

~We also request that you do not use any perfumes, aftershaves, or other such scent-based products. These products tend to be very intrusive and unpleasant to other participants when experienced in our spaces.