The Living Room Parties are here to celebrate new connections and bring that glow of sensual interaction and playful sexuality directly to your home. Our online parties welcome guests from cities and countries around the world, to a night of warm and playful sensuality.

Join us for a very special evening of cabaret, music, burlesque, flirting, connection, intimacy, and play. Our online playroom is a gently guided and supervised experience, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for you to celebrate your sensuality, your sexuality, your erotic self.

All the lovely creatures!

Our events are sex-positive, body-positive, and basically human-positive. We welcome everyone of all sexual and gender identities, expressions and flavours. So long as you are into consent, respect and lovely people, you’re very welcome to join us.

“It really felt like going to a party on a saturday night - there was a fantastic atmosphere!”

“That was possibly the most fun I have had this lockdown!”

“That was a really hot experience, with lots of joy, enthusiasm, and a really supportive atmosphere!”

“We especially enjoyed the random breakout rooms...super fun”

“Awesome experience”

“I had a great time, I thought it was very liberating”

“I haven’t seen anyone facilitating play parties yet in the way you are - there needs to be more of this!”

“It was fun! I was worried that it would feel quite disconnected but it didn’t at all”

“Beautiful experience. Thank you!”

“I felt safe and really appreciated the part at the beginning of the night where the rules were laid out and everyone promised to stick to them. The hosts were lovely and accommodating - Eyal in particular was very funny and a great host!”

“I like your way of giving instructions to create a friendly atmosphere”

“We enjoyed the cabaret tons, and the introduction was great to set up the safe frame.”

“Please keep providing this space! We love it!”

You will need to create an account on Zoom. This is free. You can join us via any mobile device or laptop/desktop.

As part of our efforts to create a safe, consensual and responsible online play space that’s fun too, we’re using The PAL System. This asks that you attend the party together with someone you know and trust – a PAL (Pervy Activity Liaison).

Your PAL does not need to be physically in the same house/city/country you are quarantined in. Your PAL can be in any other physical location, so long as you both attend together.

Whatever your gender, and no matter how you identify, if you’d like to join our party, the same rules apply to everyone:

✨ Your PAL can be the same gender, another gender or even a couple. Up to three people can PAL each other.

✨ Your PAL doesn’t necessarily have to be a partner or lover (they can be a friend or even a relative) But you can’t PAL someone you don’t know well enough to trust. This is important, as you’re held responsible and accountable for the behaviour of your PAL at the party. If one of you misbehaves during the party you will both be immediately removed, and barred from any other event we host, online and IRL.

✨ Please find a PAL before getting your ticket

✨ Each person is required to get a ticket

✨ You must log in to the party with your PAL

(The PAL System is Creative Commons licensed to Kinky Salon San Francisco)

Our parties are centred around a gently guided and supervised Playroom. This is an entirely optional space, where there are no expectations of you to do anything. Everyone is invited to explore the experience in whichever way feels most comfortable, with no pressure to perform. It is also a space for you to explore both your inner exhibitionist, as well as inner voyeur. A space to see and be seen, to reveal, to show, to unfold.

We have a variety of games and ice breakers to get you to meet new people and playfully interact with them.

Whether you are isolating alone or with a partner, if you would like to join the playroom you are welcome to prepare the following:

💫 Soft lights, nice environment

💫 Cushions and blankets to get comfortable on

💫 Massage oil and towels

💫 Any sex toys you might want to use or show off

💫 Feathers or other items you can use to explore touch and sensations on your skin

💫 Fruits or chocolates or other sexy edibles

💫 A face mask or eye mask, a hat, a wig - whatever might make you feel more comfortable online

Please note that none of these are ‘essential’ or ‘required’ items! You will enjoy yourself just as much without these items.

We’re having a sensual play party. Join us in the outfit that’ll make you feel your gorgeous most comfortable and sexy self. We invite you to make it a special night. Lingerie, sensual robes, boxer shorts, that harness you’ve got somewhere, those sexy panties you’ve been dying to put on, fancy dress if that’s your vibe, face paint, eye masks, glitter - they’re all awesome! Whether you on your own or with someone else, let’s all make it a special night

As you know all cameras must stay on for the duration of the party and we need to see you in the frame the whole time. However, if you want to play with your identity, we invite you to have as much fun as you would like to. You can change your online name to whatever pornstar name you would like to be called. We welcome wigs, face paint, hats, eye masks, or masks of nearly any kind (Let’s please all avoid any surgical masks, or respiratory masks - not the right time/place 😉). You can play with make up and outfits, as well as fun camera angles once you are in the playroom, but we do need to see you on screen the whole time.

Arrival to the party is between 21:00-21:10 BST (UK Time). Our waiting room will open 10 minutes before the party so you can join and test your settings. Please make sure you have worked out your own time zone if you are joining us from outside the UK.

Please make sure you arrive on time. For the comfort, security and safety of everyone we will not be able to admit you to the party once we begin - please be on time.

Recordings of the event on any format, and taking screenshots, are strictly forbidden.

Discretion and Respect are the foundations of our events and we take your online safety, comfort and security very seriously.

Our technical team monitors the event and responds to any complaints or breaches of privacy in real time as the party is happening.

During the party you will be able to instantly alert the hosts if you are uncomfortable for whatever reasons.

You can read more about our security procedures here:

Per Person:

£10 - Early Bird

£15 - Pay On The Day

You’re amazing - Thank You! You’ve earned a night of Sexual Healing and Sensuality, and it will be our pleasure to have you join us as our guest.

Email us on and we’ll send you a code for a free ticket.

We have a limited number of concession tickets at £5 per person.

Yes, you can! We have a private KiK group set up for our party guests where you can meet, chat, have a little flirt, and get ready for Saturday. Access to the group is open to all ticket holders.

- Please log in with your actual name so we can match you to the guest list as quickly as possible.

Once you have been admitted to the party you can change your online name to whatever pornstar name you would like.

- Your camera must remain on at all times.

- You will be automatically on mute as soon as you arrive at the party. Please do not unmute yourself unless we ask you to.

- Please be on time. You can join the waiting room 10 mins prior to doors to test your setup.

The party will start as scheduled and for the security, safety and comfort of our guests we cannot admit anyone into the space once we have started. So please arrive on time.

- Please note all tickets purchased are non-refundable, non-exchangeable to other events, and non-transferable to anyone else.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this.

We give away many free tickets and many concession tickets, and we pay all of our performers and tech support crew. That means we have been paying out of our own money to keep bringing you these events and are struggling to bring you more. Any donations to help us keep paying our team, provide free and concession tickets, and keep bringing you delicious nights of sensuality are warmly welcomed 😊

You can donate to our events through this link: